Thursday, May 28, 2009

My bag...I need your opinion!

Here's the very first handbag I've ever made!!! I've been carrying it for almost 2 weeks, and I've gotten so many compliments! It was a little hard to photograph, so I had to bump down the brightness....that's why it looks a little like it's glowing. (:

I love this pattern....the pleats make the bag. However, I'm stuck on what button to use. Before I bought cover-able buttons, I just used a large clearish button, but it doesn't look right. Which one do you like best?: 1. the one that's on there 2. the main fabric pattern one 3. the pink polka-dot one that matches the lining (which I forgot to photograph).

Help! (:

bags, bags, and more bags!

I've been buying fabric, interfacing, and patterns like crazy, and my new obsession is bags! I just finished a diaper bag/purse for my friend Claire, and I made a onesie and burp cloth to match. The main fabric is Amy Butler, and the green accent fabric is from a local quilt shop. I'm mailing them out today, and I actually remembered to take pics first! Here they are: