Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun and Funky Organic Onesies

Here are a few of the onesies I've been working on....

The onesies are organic, from Zeespot in British Columbia. They're a pretty cool company with good environmental and social values. I dig 'em. Check out their site:
I took all of these to Barn Happy, so I've had to make another batch for Etsy. I'll be listing them today and continuing to make more and more!


  1. Wow these are adorable! Have you checked out wholesale organic baby clothing by Colored Organics. They have the highest quality onesies I have found, they are a US company ( which I love to support! ) and they have great styles and colors. I also really like that they have tagless onesies so I can sew my own label in the garment.