Thursday, July 2, 2009

Debuting the Kathryn Tote & the Callie Bag!

Here are two of my favorite bags yet! The HUGE tote is one I made for myself, and it really is massive! If necessary, I could carry Chloe in it. The bottom bag is a variation of the same bag I've made for Claire and Dawn, but with two really long ties that create the awesome bow in the front. I'm in love with all these fabrics, and I'm waiting for some new fun ones to arrive in the mail.
Right now I'm working on 4 more pleated bags, which I've nicknamed the Claire bag, in honor of my friend who received my first one. (:
I also need to make another tote, and I'm itching to use some of the new fabric I'm waiting on. Seriously, the fabric makes me giddy. Does that mean I need more romance in my life? haha...

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